PCB material

PCB material

Domestic common PCB material brand:

Shengyi, Kingboard (KB), seaports, Hongren, Guoji, Hezheng, South Asia, Panasonic, Hitachi, Zhaoyuan Jinbao, Doosan, Yoshitaka, Beggs  (aluminum)


PCB material.There are currently used double sided FR4 board and CEM-3 board. Two kinds of board are flame retardant

1.FR-4 with electronic-grade E-glass fiber cloth impregnated with flame retardant brominated epoxy resins, copper clad on one or two faces, made of hot-pressed copper-clad laminate.

2.CEM-3 is intermediate insulating layer impregnated with flame retardant brominated epoxy resin electronic-grade E-glass nonwoven fabric in the second side of each cover a nonwoven fabric impregnated with flame retardant brominated epoxy electronic grade epoxy resin E-glass fiber cloth copper clad on one or two faces, made by hot pressing of copper-clad laminate.

Board Classification

FR—1; FR—2; FR—3; FR-4; CEM—1; CEM—3; HDI

Substratr material: copper substrate. The reinforcing material impregnated with a resin, one or both sides covered with foil, made by hot pressing

One kind of plate-like material called copper-clad laminate. It is to do PCB base material, often called the substrate. When it is used

In plywood production, also called core plate (CORE)

Insulating substrate portion of the substrate is generally classified as common raw materials wood, glass fiber, as well as all kinds of plastic plates. The manufacturer will be in a general PCB with glass fiber, the fabric, and an insulating portion composed of a resin, an epoxy resin and the copper foil and then pressed into a "Prepreg" used.

The common substrate and the main ingredients are

FR-1;FR-2;FR-3;FR-4;FR-5;FR-;G-10; CEM-1; CEM-2;CEM-3;CEM-4; CEM-5;AIN;SI   4.base materials refer to paper or glass fiber reinforced materials  such as cloth  

shape classification, can be divided into the following four.  


2.Shielding board

3.Multilayer material

4.Special board

PCB circuit board plate presentation: 

by brand high quality level from the bottom to be divided as follows: 94HB-94VO-22F-CEM-1-CEM-3-FR-4

PCB price composition

1.PCB materials used in the diversity caused by different price

2.PCB used in the production process caused by different prices diversity

3.PCB itself difficulty caused by different price diversity