Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturing


Rigid Flex PCB

A Rigid-Flex PCB is a type of Print Circuit Board where two different types of PCB are connected. It involves the use of a solid or stable substrate (fibre glass) and flexible or a dynamic substrate (polyimide) with adhesive and other conductive materials such as copper or aluminium. However, these two substrates and the conductive materials can be structured in a way that brings about a light-weight and unique shaped PCB board dimensions such as curved shape, arc shape etc.

 Benefits of Rigid-Flex PCB

· Portability: in a complex design whereby small size is required to contain its complexity, rigid-flex PCB is an option as the two substrate gives room for the bending and orientation in which small size is achieved thereby making it conform to design.

· Cost Reduction: As suppose to the large boards in other PCB types, two or more boards can be constricted into light-weight, single board, whereby connectors which are supposedly present in a single board are eliminated and thus brings about a drastic decrease in cost.

· Easy-to-Test: Rigid-Flex PCBs are very easy to test. Hence, they are very suitable to use as Prototype PCB.

· Ruggedness: With the evolution of rigid-flex PCB, boards can withstand tough environment such as high temperature, high signal generation, high electronic magnetic transmission etc. All these are achieved through the use of a flexible substrate e.g. Polyimide.

· Quality: The use of layer lamination ensures that the utmost quality is maintained.

Quality and Affordable Rigid-Flex PCB at PCBdoing

Therefore, as an engineer or an electronic device production company who is after simplicity, light-weight but sophisticated board designs check out rigid-flex PCB. Hence, at PCBdoing the following attributes distinguish us from other competitors in the business:

· Here, at pcbdoing we execute one to twenty-four layer Rigid-Flex PCB for your print circuit board (PCB) depending on your choice with on-time delivery.

· At Pcbdoing, when you repeat an order, tool charging will not be included in your Bill payment.

· There is no limitation to the smallest order quantity you can make at PCBdoing.

· We guarantee the quality of the components used in manufacturing your Rigid-Flex PCB. In addition to using quality components, we ensure that your PCBs are well assembled correctly, properly packed and checked before supply.

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Feature Capability
                Quality Grade                 Standard IPC 2
                Number of Layers                 2 - 24layers
                Order Quantity                 1pc - 10000+pcs
                Build Time                 2days - 5weeks
                Material                 DuPont (PI25UM), FR4
                Board Size                 Min 6mm x 6mm
Max 457mm x 610mm
                Board Thickness                 0.6mm - 5.0mm
                Copper Weight (Finished)                 0.5oz - 2.0oz
                Min Tracing/Spacing                 3mil/3mil
                Solder Mask Sides                 As per the file
                Solder Mask Color                 Green, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow
                Silkscreen Sides As per the file
                Silkscreen Color                 White, Black, Yellow
                Surface Finish                 HASL - Hot air solder leveling
Lead - free HASL - RoHS
                Min Annular Ring                 4mil
                Min Drilling Hole Diameter                 8mil
                Impedance control                 ±10%
                Other Techniques                 HDI
Gold fingers
Stiffener (only for PI/FR4 substrate)