• Standard FR4 PCB
  • Metal Core PCB
  • Flexible PCB
  • Rigid Flex PCB
  • Ceramic PCB

2 Layers PCB

$10/5pcs $70/㎡

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4 Layers PCB

$50/5pcs $120/㎡

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6 Layers PCB

$180/5pcs $150/㎡

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8 Layers PCB

$350/5pcs $300/㎡

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PCB Prototype, PCB Manufacturing, PCB Assembly Supplier

PCBdoing is doing PCB whatever you are doing

Full Feature PCB Manufacturing&Assembly

PCB Prototype Services

PCBdoing provide PCB prototype service and Electronic prototype service which can help Electronic designer test their Electronic Program Design as quickly as possible.

Product Run PCB Manufacturing

Even just 5 pcs PCB boards, if you need to use them on products not as prototype to test design, the quality will be first and we can help you.

Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

DFM, PCB Manufacturing, ELectronic Components Sourcing, THT/SMT PCB Assembly, IC Programming, Function Test and so on, we can help you do all the Electronic Manufacturing Services.

OEM/EMS/Box Build Services

Our professional PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly teams with the advanced machines will help you more.